Toppii Branch Adjuster

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Sold in boxes of 100 pcs. or bulk buying 1,200 pcs.

The Toppii Branch adjuster was designed to give several options for adjusting and shaping branches in Christmas trees with defects in the whorls.

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The Toppii Branch Adjuster is newly developed and design protected to give several options for adjusting and shaping branches of normal size Christmas trees with defects in the top and second whorls.

It is short and easy to carry in your bag.

It has a feature we all know, namely milled grooves created to gather the branches to make the tree more harmonious. Therefore the tool can also be used as an ordinary branch adjuster for the usual adjusting of branches.

Furthermore, as a new feature, it has forked ends so that it can be placed between the trunk and the branches on top of these. In this way it is a distance piece and with only one tool per branch you can now adjust the branch to the angle to the trunk that you wish to obtain. In this way you do not need to use many branch adjusters or string to pull the branch down – risking pulling up the branches of the next whorl in the process.

The adjuster is meant for trees with ordinary, not too thick, branches. Working on heavy branches and large trees you should use 5 mm Toppii Forks as distance pieces.

The fork may leave dents in the bark of the tree.

It should be removed before harvesting.


Additional information

Weight 30 kg

100 (1 box) 35 Cent a piece, 1200 (1 box) 31 Cent a piece, 2400 (2 boxes) 28,2 Cent a piece, 600 (1 box) 33,5 Cent a piece


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