Time Study

This is how fast it is

First planting

This field is about 15,000 acres and has about 6,000 trees.

The size of the trees is from about 80 cm and up. 5 years old. Half of them are between waist- and chest-high. I did what I usually do, corrections and cutting off forks, using a great deal of ordinary branch adjusters and 126 brand new Toppii discs. My time was spent on this and a nice long telephone conversation with my brother as well as returning to the garage once to fetch more Toppii discs. Distance; 2 x 100 m with a wheelbarrow and a small water break.

Total: 2.5 hours.

Second planting

This field is about 33.000 acres and has about 12,000 Nordman firs after (hvad menes der her?) ???    These trees are about 7 years old and their sizes differ somewhat due to poor soil and a hard start. But the average seems to be okay around waist height.

Experience from yesterday in order to speed things up; I try to prepare a little better so that I will not have to take the wheelbarrow. A better prototype pocket for the Toppii discs has been produced. It contains about 30. The trees need a bit more shearing to reduce the number of discarded trees.

Facts: 412 Toppii discs and a total of 6.5 hours.

Experience so far:

This is a much faster way to do the shaping of the Christmas trees and the top whorl. If you can, use Toppii instead of branch adjusters. The branch adjusters can be used to position the Toppii disc. Toppii can be used to estimate the correct length when cutting the branches. And not least; It minimizes the number of hard decisions making it possible for everybody to do. So feel free to get started with Toppii.